Coming Clean

by Burning Years

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Recorded at Blackroom Studios. Mixed and Mastered by Luke Garrigus.

Thank you to all of our friends and family.


released March 2, 2016


tags: rock Austin


all rights reserved


Burning Years Austin, Texas

5 dudes.


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Track Name: State Lines
You left a bitter taste behind
Why the sudden change of mind?
I guess a better man you'll find, or was I just in line?
Ignoring all the signs, losing sleep, and wasting time
That's just my way of coping

You pushed me away
Lie straight to my face
To find out this way, left me stranded at bay
Fuck the words that you'll say cause I know they'll all be in vain
You cross state lines while I'm still walking in place

As I write this down on paper
Every thought abused by anger
Everything we were, and every single word you said was
burned by the furnace, but I don't think you'll notice
Track Name: Misprint(Be Honest)
She always points the finger at everything, but she's the one to blame
Gave everything to see her
Feels like I'm walking in place. I just want to erase my mind
What's it like to be her?
To have my head on a string and take everything in stride
Eyes adjust to read her
Now everything that we were, a misprint or a blur tonight

I left my door open hoping for the best of luck
You're the reason for the way I've been
Now every single doors closed shut
I've noticed these past few months you've changed
and I've noticed that things will never be the same

Be honest, do you think of my name?
You promised that things would never change
If it was up to me, you'd stay with all my problems left astray
Your anchor still keeps me here at bay

I'm giving up again
Can't find the words to say
Cause nothing ever goes my way
Lost thoughts and worn out shoes,
It's been that way since May.
Can't keep my head straight.
I'm running on empty I need you here with me, so stay
But you seem better off with out me, so here I lay
Track Name: Under Pressure
I've been searching for progress,
but it takes a little time to focus and process why I still feel this way
I can't find the white between the grey

Don't want to cut the ties that I've made
Don't want to leave the life that I've laid
But since my world began to fade grey,
I couldn't help but sigh and give way

I've been caught under pressure
and I'll deny the fact that I'm low
I've been craving the answer
Cause I deny the fact that I know
All the lies and excuses I make up
all attain to the reasons I stay stuck
I'm lost again

Peace of mind
I'm searching for a better place to hide behind
until the pressure subsides
Can't find the time that it takes to alleviate mistakes that I make
all the time